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The company name Biode. Where does it come from? If we think about global warming affecting the whole earth and the conditions we live in, it has a massive impact on the whole society. All the different companies polluting the world making life on earth more difficult. How can we make earth a better place? How can we contribute our time and effort into making it better for our kids and future generations?

The name is derived from two different words that the owner put together. The first word is Biosphere as we all know it is made up of the parts of the earth where life exists, in other words all eco systems. The second word is diode which is an electronic component that conducts current primarily in one direction. Biode Electrical was born.

We are looking forward to giving you as our potential customer the best service and help make this world a safer place.

We specialize in electrical installations and repairs making your property a safe place. We also do pre-paid meter installations as well as COC’s. The last product we offer is solar installations where we can recommend the best systems for your personal needs. Load shedding does give a lot of people big problems affecting your personal life as well as business functionality. A back up system for those times is needed and the demand is rising.

About us:

The owner knew from a young age that he wanted to be an entrepreneur folding paper guns at the age of 8 selling them to other kids.

He finished school and started working for a few different electrical companies. It was a cooling and electrical company, then a company that they worked on sites where they would wire multiple houses and flats from top to bottom.

The biggest project was 17 blocks where each block had 6 two-bedroom flats. The next step was working for a factory to get his red seal as a dual traded artisan in fitting and electrical, also known as a Millwright.

Finally, he went into the property industry to learn important business skills and knowledge on meeting our customer needs and marketing our products/services to ensure it reaches the right target market.

Jacques Thirion

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