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The ZooZLifestyle was developed by Hende-Mari Strydom.  Her fitness journey not only resulted in a sustainable lifestyle and super-slick looks, it was the origin of a passionate dream – to help others achieve their own best state of being.

Through her own hands-on experience, she learnt that to get there, requires a total mind shift.

You need to change your heart, body and soul. It is an inside out job. It starts with a feeling, then eating the right food while getting fit and of course you need to look the part to! Hence, the ZooZ brand was born to fulfil the need of numerous fans in search of what Hende-Mari’s got… the ZooZ!

By following the ZooZ eating and training plans, you will see results soon. Keep in mind there are different body types – therefore you should expect slightly different results.

You can choose one option, or a combination, depending on the results that you would like to achieve.Good food is your friend! But if you want to lose weight and keep is off, calorie counting is not enough. Besides a negative energy balance, relative amounts of three macro nutrients are needed to lose weight. The correct amounts of protein, fats and carbohydrates are used to switch the hunger signals on and off. Your body deals differently with the calories of each source, therefore each will have a unique influence on your body’s fat levels.

Through the program, obtain the ZooZ apparel to compliment your new slick look!

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