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About Business Buddy

We see Business Buddy as a platform where businesses can add their business (as a listing) to improve their online visibility, ultimately giving them a fair shot at competing with their competitors.

Before Business Buddy, we had to rely on that one person that “knows a guy”. Now anyone can be that one person, making it easier to find whatever you need, just a Search, Click and Call away.

We allow you, as a consumer, to be the first to find the awesome new restaurant that just opened in your area or a great electrician that won’t rip you off. We understand that you don’t need to pay a fortune to find great businesses that offer incredible service.


We are committed to helping you find exactly what you’re looking for by offering you up-to-date contact information (updated by the business owners) of local businesses across the country, and user-friendly features like direct messaging and directions.

You’ll also be able to rate and review the services you choose, adding value to the business and enhancing the next user’s experience.


Apart from helping consumers get better service, we want to give all businesses a fair opportunity to compete with competitors in their industry. We are even more passionate about giving small businesses, in South Africa, the opportunity to be seen by their potential customers, and be recognised for providing great service.

Business owners can list their businesses on Business Buddy to improve online visibility and marketability.


We have found that many business listing websites in South Africa that offer free business listing limit the amount of information you can share about your business, which can make your listing look less appealing compared to paid business listings. Paid business listings are usually expensive, but we have changed that!

On Business Buddy, there’s no hierarchy. All businesses (big or small) are treated equally and only differentiated by ratings and reviews.


Why advertise with Business Buddy?

What’s so amazing about listing your business or restaurant on our website? Here are 5 reasons why you should advertise with Business Buddy.


We want to give businesses a fair chance at competing in their industry. We do this by allowing every business an equal opportunity to be seen on Business Buddy.


It’s a known fact that local listings improve your search engine visibility. At Business Buddy, we are always improving the SEO of our website to improve your online visibility.


Business Buddy is, without a doubt, the most affordable premium business listing website in South Africa. We do this to give small businesses a greater opportunity to grow their business.


Business Buddy is, without a doubt, the most affordable premium business listing website in South Africa. We do this to give small businesses a greater opportunity to grow their business.

We are proud of the many features we have
on our website, making it easier for consumers to find all the information about your business.

We have made it easy for consumers to interact with businesses, increasing conversions for businesses on our website.
Consumers can: 

·       Bookmark your favourite businesses and save them in one place.

·       Call businesses directly from Business Buddy website. 

·        Send a direct message to businesses from Business Buddy website. 

·       Send an email to businesses using their contact form on Business Buddy.

·       Share a business listing to your favourite social media platforms. 

·       Leave a rating or review to share your experience. 

·       Report businesses for unethical business practices.

5.  What you get:-A complete full-page listing that provides all your contact information, business’ logo, social media links, and a link to your website.


  • An option to add images to help your listing stand out from your competition.
  • A description area to describe your business and its services in your own words.
  • Optional feature to display your business hours or hours of operation within your listing.
  • A convenient place for the public to review your business and make comments on your services.
  • A map that will display your business address, and even directions so that your potential customers can find you.
  • Tags to show your customers the perks of your business, such as Parking, WiFi, and whether your business accepts credit cards.
  • More importantly can a business list up to 50 products, real estates, vehicles and even food items