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FAQ (Business Buddy Frequently asked questions)

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No, Business Buddy is currently only for the South African buddies. Soon will we launch internationally.

Yes. If you are not signed into an account, you will be prompted to fill in your name when reviewing a business.

Yes. If a business reports a review to be false or inaccurate, we may remove that review from the Business Buddy website. We will first investigate the report of the false allegations. 

By reviewing a business buddy that you have used, can help other consumers about the credibility and service level you received from this service provider. Constructive feedback of a Business Buddy will assist in deciding to use this buddy.

You can use many features without creating an account on Business Buddy, such as call, WhatsApp, get directions and use the business’ contact form. To send a direct message or bookmark businesses, you will need to create an account.

Simply navigate to Account details in the top bar of your Dashboard. 

My account

You need to be logged in. 

No, Business Buddy does not facilitate any transactions or delivery of services or products. Any distribution of goods and services is the responsibility of the listed company.

Business listings that are not verified on Business Buddy have either not been through our verification process or have failed verification. In our verification process, we verify that the business is legitimate, legally registered and has a good reputation for its products/services.

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