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R75.00 on the 1st of each month

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This Business Buddy Place is ideal for businesses that want to list their company contact details, location, and everything else about the company. Even get leads from the website directly to your email.


Ideal for arts and culture places, restaurants, museums, guest houses, hotels, other accommodation, and retail businesses, then this Business Buddy place listing is for you.


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Business Buddy Package is ideal for plumbers, electricians, insurance brokers, financial advisors, lawyers, architecture, building contractors, and retail businesses.

Business Buddy Car Dealer Packages is ideal for auto dealerships large and small, new, or second-hand.

Real Estate Business Buddy Package is for Real Estate Agencies renting, subletting, and selling of commercial, residential and farmland.

Business Buddy Place Package is ideal for arts and culture places, restaurants, museums, guest houses, hotels, other accommodation, local government offices, and retail businesses not listed above.

The online marketplace has millions of people looking for a vehicle for sale, restaurant to have dinner, the next property to be purchased, event taking place in my vicinity and even the next career change. Business Buddy has it covered.

The different packages allow businesses, places, or car dealers to list their companies’ contact details, location, products, and services about the company. Get leads from the website directly to your email and even get rated or shared relevant information to social media.

But the most significant feature is that you can list 50 products or services of your business right here. Imagine listing your dealership, business or real estate and being able to place the next 50 cars, houses or menu items right here. Make sure to choose the correct package. The 3 major packages include jobs and events complimentary (FREE) to your package. Business Buddy is here for you!