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Business Buddy Car Dealers 50 Listings

R450.00 on the 1st of each month

Package Details:

This Business Buddy Car Dealer Listing 50 is ideal for dealerships that need to list their company contact details, location, and everything else about the company. Even get leads from the website directly to your email.


When you post a vehicle listing on Business Buddy’s technology platform, you’ll benefit from increased exposure. The online marketplace has millions of people looking for a vehicle for sale, that they need every day. We will share your vehicle listing not only on this website but on social media too.


Get a Business Buddy listed today!

First payment prorated. Next payment: 1 July 2024

Sold By: Business Buddy


Some of the features that will be included:

  • Contact information
  • Google Map
  • Video
  • Gallery
  • Location
  • Website
  • Appointments
  • Lead Form
  • Social Media Links
  • Business Hours
  • Announcement
  • 50 x Vehicle Listing information
  • 10 x Events Listings (FREE)
  • 10 Job Listings (FREE)


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